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the air we swim in


Gregory Forstner: Study for an American Archetype

The Long Fight for Kawtoolie: Portraits from the Jungles of Burma

America: The Third Century

Antonio Carreno: Paintings

Phyllis Trout: BARDO

Robert Stivers: Craving the Seamstress

David Stern: Five Paintings

Jill Natanson: No Blue Without Yellow

Paul Vickery: Past Imperfect Future Tense

Works on Paper: Julia Nitsberg, Sylvia Schuster, David Stern

Perspectives: Celeste Fichter, Jim Knight, Andrea Sanders

David Stern, selections from “One Hundred Simple Things”

Makasutu: Mecca In The Forest

Julia Nitsberg, The Eighth Day

Gema Alava, Tell Me The Truth

Sylvia Schuster, Why Isn’t Sylvia Schuster a Household Name?

Antonio Carreño, Windows of Light

Photographs by Andrea Sanders, September 27 - October 27, 2007

Jason Florio, Julia Nitsberg, and Robert Stivers, June 12 - July 25, 2002

Robert Stivers: Unknown Work, October 3-November 2, 2001

Ruth Liberman, Kerstin Roolfs, and The Classic Heads by Sylvia Schuster

Robert Stivers: Color Photography and Other Works, September 13 - October 20, 2000

Blue Face #2

Blue Face #2
Robert Stivers
Edition of 4

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