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Andrea Sanders

September 20 - October 20, 2012

In a striking selection of 11 aerial views, Andrea Sanders explores the eternal themes and emotions of permanence, change and loss. Her images, she explains, are "about our futile attempt to stop time, to be still and to hold on to things that can't be kept."

Her images and references, Sanders notes, are of "subtle, even generic, but emotionally charged places; spaces we might imagine knowing well even if we don't - homes or spots we may have driven by countless times or flown over once in a plane on our way to somewhere else entirely. We look out and imagine what lives have been lived there. The images are familiar and vague at the same time, like fading memories that both comfort us and leave us lonely."

Sanders says, "I try to convey that sense of 'then and now,' in contrast to the still, solid architecture we build and surround ourselves with."

Her work, encoded within the language of academic painting: rich field subdivisions and color, combine to highlight light and shadows. Each print maps a series of lines or formal grids that are not just solid forms but presences that, in their realized textures and surfaces, convey an other-worldliness. This is especially apparent in Green Yellow 2008 where the artist's poetic vision discovers much about forlorn, forgotten, desolate landscapes.

"To convey the sense of time passing," Sanders explains, "I photograph my images while moving, primarily from a car or plane. I use an archival inkjet process to print the images on watercolor-textured paper" to achieve a painterly effect.

Sanders says, "Just as a photograph is proof, a house or a road or a telephone pole is also proof - physical proof - that we were there. But now we are here, and the image on paper that is a photograph may help us remember, but it can never bring us back." Aerial photography was first practiced by the French photographer and balloonist Gaspard-Felix Tournachon - known as Nadar - who first experimented with aerial photography in 1858.

A native New Yorker, Sanders earned a bachelor of arts from the University of Virginia in 1991 and a master of fine arts from the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan in 1996. She now lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. Her work has been exhibited in many solo and group shows in the New York City metropolitan area.

511 West 25th Street, Suite 504
New York, NY 10001

Gallery Hours: Wed-Sat 12-6
Opening Reception:
Thursday September 20, 6-8

Untitled (sea & land square)
Andrea Sanders
Digital Print
20 x 20 inches
Edition of 15

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